They trusted SCB nOvum

We decided to collect our daughters’ cord blood because of the medical advancements, thanks to which stem cells might be used in regenerative medicine in the future.

This is the most valuable gift we could ever give them!

I am the mother of 2 daughters. I gave birth to my first daughter in 1992, as a 21-year-old girl, and to my second daughter in 1999, when I was 28 years old. As a mature, 42 year-old, woman I became pregnant again and it turned out I would be having twins. 15 years had past since my last pregnancy and I discovered that medicine had moved forward. My life got turned upside-down and I felt I had a great adventure ahead of me. Each pregnancy and motherhood is different. I decided to go through this experience with awareness and to use any advances of modern medicine available to me. Stem Cell Bank is undoubtedly one of these advances. I do not know what other discoveries science will make, and how many lives might cord blood save in the future, but this is undoubtedly a great opportunity. I am now the mother of 4, how could I not take it? Stem Cell Bank nOvum is one of the few operating in Poland. However, the storage conditions and the clinic’s policies left me with no doubt as to which bank I should choose. The most important criterion in this decision process turned out to be the so-called human factor (my favourite expression recently). At SCB nOvum this definitely means their attitude towards children, their parents and a healthy life in general.

The customer service at the bank is a form of care, not a sales pitch. I am happy that I deposited my twins’ blood here.

For 9 months I prepared for becoming a mother. This time was perfect for making many decisions, including the decision to collect my child’s cord blood. This is a chance to protect my daughter’s health, or even my or my husband’s health…

I hope we never have to decide to use this blood. 

The only chance to collect a child’s cord blood is when it is born. The stem cells extracted from the blood have a great potential to become other types of cells.

We do not know what the future holds so Stem Cell Bank nOvum became our second child’s first bank.

Every day I ensure people’s safety. By depositing my daughter’s stem cells- I also protected her health.

It’s as if I gave her a medical air-bag for the future…

I recently became a Joyful Mother - I really want this joy to last forever.

I insured my son’s future by depositing cord blood at the Stem Cell Bank nOvum- just in case, so that nothing stands in the way of our Joy…

Małgorzata  Glinka-Mogentale entrusted her daughter’s stem cells to SCB nOvum.

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