How to become our customer

Decision and signing the agreement

Parents who have decided to store their child’s stem cells contact SCB nOvum Customer Service and make an appointment. During a meeting with a representative of the Bank, they sign an agreement for storing the stem cells and recieve a kit for collecting umbilical cord blood.

Filling out the declaration form and sending it to: will speed up the process of preparing the agreement and kit.

Should meeting our representative at SCB nOvum be inconvienient for you, we can send the kit and the documents by courier. The delivery costs are covered by SCB nOvum.

Giving birth

You need to take the umbilical cord blood collection kit to the hospital were you will be giving birth, and give it to the maternity ward staff.

Attention! Please call to let us know that labour has begun(tel. 605 66 80 73).


After the birth our staff will ensure that the collection kit will be safely transported from the hospital to our laboratory.

Attention! We ask that parents inform us over the phone when labour has ended. ( tel. 605 66 80 73).

Preparing the sample

The blood is tested to check viability for future use (we test cell viability and cell count). Using laboratory technology we then reduce the volume of the blood, remove the unnecessary components and recover the stem cells. Additionally we perform blood cultures of the umbilical cord blood and serological testing of the mother’s blood.

Depositing the sample at the stem cell bank.

If the results of the first tests are positive, a deposit containing stem cells is prepared for freezing, frozen and placed in the cryostat, where it is kept in liqiud nitrogen in around -190°C. Around three weeks after the birth of your child, you recieve written confirmation of the positive test results and the desposit being frozen. In further correspondence we send you a certificate of the deposit, together with the test results, a protocole of the preparation and other information regarding the frozen sample.

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